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Company Overview

Call Center Pros is a comprehensive service provider in the rapidly growing near-shore BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and call center market providing turnkey outsourcing solutions. Our unique roots have positioned us to become the leading BPO and call center operator in the near-shore region.Call Center Pros can improve your company operationally with greater efficiency, better customer service, improved technology, streamlined processes and lower costs.

We manage the day to day operation, which allows you to concentrate on growing your core business. We can combine a program with customer service, sales, and customer relationship management, turning every customer interaction into an opportunity to maximize the lifetime value of that customer. As a result we help build profitable long-term relationship between you and your customer.

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Call Center Outsourcing

We offer the best phone services. Every call is answered promptly & accurately by agents having neutral & clear accent


Our Live Chat support agents are truely available at a click. Well-trained agents react to individual circumstances proving immediate resolution

E-mail Support Services

Our rich experience with various Trouble Ticket, Helpdesk systems helps our team to integrate with clients without any learning curves

Third Party Verification

Our third party verification operators are trained professionals, who are always on hand to deliver your script in a kind and professional manner.


Our goals and tradition is to provide exceptional customer service, create a rewarding and nurturing environment for our employees, and offer a value added solution to our clients. It is also our goal to provide a better quality of life for our employees by offering the opportunity for personal and professional growth.

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  • "Call Center Pros saved my business. We were completely overwhelmed by of our incoming calls. We weren’t handling them efficiently, and we couldn’t afford the staff required. I needed a call center service that could help me from top to bottom, and Call Center Pros came highly recommended. Starting with them turned out to be one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.   What was previously my biggest concern and road block, has now become a total non-issue for me.”

    Jeff R
    Jeff R
  • "We needed help with our customer support. The folks at Call Center Pros, are indeed pros who staffed ourCustomer Support Team with well trained agents. They also included a Customer Support Manager to supervise the team."


The Power of Delegation

One of the biggest keys to business success is delegation – the kind of delegation that can be achieved through the use of call center services like those offered by Call Center Pros. By offloading tasks like dealing with customer queries and concerns to a professional call center, outsourcing can be an extremely effective way to improve productivity, and increase revenue.Effective delegation is a smart business decision that can pay for itself many times over. Business owners and managers sometimes forget just how valuable their time is, and how easily it can be squandered on distracting tasks that they could, and should, be delegating to someone else. When you take advantage of the dedicated customer phone service, live chat, and email support provided by a highly-trained call center, services that used to cost hours of your team’s precious time quickly transition into a cost-effective customer relations strategy. Dollar for dollar, your time can be better spent bringing in new business, keeping your current customers happy, and developing new products or services. Once you get over the initial hurdle of not having to handle everything yourself, you’re likely to wonder how your company ever managed without all the benefits offered by call center outsourcing.

Many business owners are afraid of delegation. Even when they understand that it will give both themselves and their staff more time to dedicate to business growth and development, it can be hard to let go of the reins. The service specialists at Call Center Pros help to make this transition easier. Professional call center outsourcing not only frees up your company to focus on planning, marketing, and meeting with potential clients, it can raise productivity by doing away with constant disruptions to the daily workflow. And call center services offer an economical way to generate additional sales through upselling, cross-selling, managing loyalty programs, and launching email marketing campaigns.

In business, you have to delegate to succeed. And in many ways, call center services simply provide the same support, and perform the same duties, that a team of on-site office assistants would. The difference is that the virtual assistance delivered by companies like Call Center Pros is a dedicated service that works efficiently and effectively for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call center outsourcing this progressive means you don’t have to spend your costly time sourcing, hiring, training, and managing staff because we do it all for you. We take the time to understand your company’s outsourcing needs; then we integrate our specialized call center services into a personalized solution that works successfully for your business, every hour of every day. Delegating work isn’t just about assigning a task to somebody else; it’s about assigning it to somebody who will perform that task efficiently, competently, and professionally.

Overcoming the challenge of being a reluctant delegator begins with a couple of simple questions:

  • What time-consuming duties is your business performing, that could be more effectively and cost-efficiently handled through call center outsourcing?
  • What business development goals could your company be successfully pursuing as a result of discharging some of these duties?

Once you have your answers, you’ll be ready to let the power of call center services go to work for you. Understanding that delegation is critical to the future success of your business also means understanding that the time to invest in yourself is now. By making the decision to focus on your core competencies, and to let the call center outsourcing experts handle the rest, you’ll experience a higher level of balance and a lower level of stress. And that’s virtually guaranteed to help you and your business accomplish more of what you want.