The Power of Psychology in Customer Service

psychology of customer service

Psychology is very important when we are talking about customer service. If you can better understand how the mind of your customers work, you can offer a higher level of intuitive support and consequently, they will be happier.

Negative events are more memorable than positive ones in the customer’s mind. The same customer may have had a successful customer service experience 10 times, but if it fails once, that may be a lost customer. It can also prompt them to speak badly about your services to their social circle, costing you prospective customers.

This is called Negativity Dominance, which is the theory that negative events have a greater effect on your psychological state than positive or neutral events, and Negativity Dominance can have a BIG and NEGATIVE impact on your business.

Establish a consistent customer service experience to avoid harming company’s reputation must be a priority for companies. This is because psychology and business are very similar — at the end, they both seek to understand people’s needs, wants, choices, and behaviors.

Is something to have in consideration that every single one of your customers is an individual with their own backgrounds, experiences, issues, and mindsets — whether permanent or situation-based.

The secret to acquiring new customers, offering top notch customer service, and wooing your existing customers to stick to your brand is as simple as understanding consumer behaviors. Why? Because when you understand this all-important aspect of your business, you’ll be able to learn what your customers want from your business and how to best serve them.

Companies should equip and train their customer service representatives to understand the customer’s emotions during the process of fixing problems.  For instance, a personal touch can make a caller feel valued and appreciated.   Satisfy the desire of your customers to be treated like a VIP or their desire to be given something in exchange for their loyalty, and the representative can turn unhappy callers back into satisfied customers.

Want tips? Here are some psychological tips for a better customer service:

  • Make them feel important. We all need to feel valued and appreciated. Give your undivided attention to everyone you communicate with, no matter how “important” you think their situation is and let them know that they are valued and irreplaceable. Give a genuine compliment. Send a small gift “just because.” Offer a little-known promo code or discount. Say thank you as often as you can.
  • Don’t shoot into stress and defensive mode. When we have an angry customer, it’s easy to get defensive, however, that sort of mindset is not going to help calm you or your customer down. Accept the idea that you can only do your best in any given situation.
  • Understand the power of an apology. The power of the apology significantly increases customer satisfaction and limits significantly the chance of lawsuits. Research shows that receiving an apology has a noticeable, positive physical effect on the body. An apology actually affects the bodily functions of the person receiving it—blood pressure decreases, heart rate slows and breathing becomes steadier.
  • Really listen to your customers. Active listening, hearing what your customers really say, treating each and every one of them as individuals no matter how much your business grows is what it’s all about. Being sensitive to your clients’ needs is essential and a very useful way to build rapport and grow your business.
  • Always use a positive language. People are under a lot of stress these days. If you want to win their heart, you should be the one who takes their stress away. Make them feel comfortable while doing business with you. Make them want to come back. A good way to do that is by focusing on using positive language in customer service. Words have that power. They can help you create a long, trustful relationship with customers.

Don’t approach customer service with a half-baked approach. Make psychology an intrinsic aspect of your marketing strategy.

If the above tips are applied correctly, you are going to be able to understand your customers better, nudge them in the right direction and make them feel good about themselves and your company.

At Call Center Pros, we have in consideration your customers’ needs, choices and behaviors. Connect with our consultants today. You can call us directly at 800-789-CALL, or go to our customer contact form. We’ll reach out and start working with you ASAP. Thank you for considering Call Center Pros for your call center needs – we look forward to improving your business today.

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