The 6 Top Qualities of a Successful Sales Representative

If you’ve ever been involved with sales, then you know that it’s not easy. Whether it’s selling shoes at a store or selling a new cloud system by phone, making that sale depends on many attributes, as knowledge and enthusiasm of the salesperson. To be honest, not everybody has those characteristics! Don’t you think? There is a saying that salesmen are born, not taught. Although there is some truth in that saying, is not completely accurate. Although we cannot deny the reality that there is natural talent involved, it is also true that people can learn these characteristics and be just as successful.

Successful selling is a result of skill and practice. Like all other skills, great selling techniques cannot be acquired in a few days. Acquiring killer sales skills requires time and dedication.  The most successful salespeople work incessantly toward improvement and grow incrementally with each sale.

Savvy sales representation is often the difference in a company that is growing and another one that is failing. Sales representatives don’t have to be perfect to succeed. With the right attitude, skills, and tools, nearly everyone can succeed in sales. As we said, there are certain qualities that a sales rep needs to develop to become truly great. Some are developed over time, and others are already there as part of the person’s personality.

This post outlines the characteristics that, when developed, can turn a good salesperson into a great salesperson.


These 6 top qualities are:

  1. Passion

For us, the most important quality. One of the defining attributes of a salesperson, a real career professional, is their passion for what they do.

People who feel passion for sales love what they do. They love the thrill of the chase. They have a hunger for fame and fortune. They want to sell more and more. And they believe in their hearts that selling is the most rewarding professions out there. Passion gives the heightened level of energy which is required to do the same thing day in and day out.

Any successful sales professional will tell you that they are passionate about what they sell and the fact that they are selling. They are absolutely in love with it.

Passion cannot be taught. Fortunately, you can create an environment that motivates and instills passion, to create a successful sales representative. Create a great selling environment, providing reps with the tools they need, and offering the support to encourage a passionate mindset.


  1. Initiative

Taking initiative means taking actions proactively. It means acting before it is necessary. It is what defines professionalism, especially in sales.

Sales reps don’t wait for orders. They’re go-getters and take matters into their own hands. Being disciplined like this helps salesmen to stay on track. If something must be sold, they look for a way to do it. The salesman will do what it takes to sell their products or services. Identifying the opportunities to do better and designing the plan to do so is a form of acting.

Another way to take the initiative is to do something that generates a response or outcome. This means thinking about what your industry does, redefining it, and doing something different. It means innovating.

One way to identify the areas where you might be able to gain the initiative is to make a list of all the things surrounding your business where your industry would say: “We don’t do that.”


  1. Empathy

Having empathy means that you can put yourself in the shoes of another person, seeing the world through their eyes.

Empathy and compassion are prerequisites to great customer service. Empathetic salespeople listen intently to what affects people and provide them the complete liberty to express their concerns.

An empathetic sales professional tries to understand people by putting themselves in their shoes from a neutral perspective, without letting judgment or an ulterior motive guide them. This helps them understand people better and interact accordingly.

Empathy ’s a differentiator. Being empathetic will help you stand out from the other dozen salespeople that the prospect has met with. This is because you are showing them from the very beginning that you are here to help, not make a sale.


  1. Goal-Oriented

Being goal-oriented means always have a specific objective or target in mind whenever you embark on an endeavor to create a productive outcome in your life, in your work, in your business, and even for your clients.

A goal driven person will work much harder whenever there are deadlines to be met. To be successful in life there must be the desire to set goals and work towards achieving them.

The ability to set personal and professional goals is a common characteristic of the most successful salespeople. Top sales professionals know exactly what they want to accomplish so they will plan around these targets accordingly.

This requires focus and setting ambitious, but achievable goals. As a result, the salesperson must be extremely persistent and hard working.

Successful salespeople get goals that help them grow as an individual and as a professional. They have long-term goals which require patience and practice.


  1. Resourcefulness

Resourcefulness is the ability to find a way to achieve a goal or to make one. Resourcefulness is the ability to think creatively, to generate ideas, and to identify alternatives. To be resourceful takes self-discipline and an iron will.

Great salespeople are resourceful. They use this quality to find ways into prospects that others fail to uncover. The true salesman can shift gears if a sale isn’t going the way that he envisioned. Instead of just taking “no” as an answer, they will attempt a different approach by using their creativity and imagination.

They imagine a way. Then they act accordingly.


  1. Positivism

Selling is a tough business. It can be challenging to keep your spirit high and your self-doubts in check. As tough as that may be, it’s imperative to maintain a positive attitude in selling.

In business, your attitude determines whether customers buy from you or not.

There is no way an optimistic salesman will expect a failure, not to talk about accepting it. Even though there may be a failed attempt, this failure will be seen in the light of generating useful feedback for improving the business sales process or the product itself. Interestingly, sales reps with a positive attitude always expect the best to happen and they are constantly winning sales.



In summary…

Extraordinary salespeople accept nothing less than being at the top of their game. Sales is not an easy job. It is largely based on potential and there are no guaranteed deals. The work isn’t always enjoyable. However, top performing salespeople thrive without guarantees. To them, each potential deal is a worthy challenge

Now that you know what it takes to be the best, figure out which qualities you and your team already possess and where you could improve.

There are many qualities that sales professionals need to have to be successful. These are just some of them. What other qualities do you consider important?

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