How to Increase Sales During the Holidays

We just left Halloween behind and Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays are just around the corner. It is no secret to anyone that this is the busiest season of the year for most businesses. Parties, presents, dinners with friends and family, Black Friday, Cyber Monday… In short, everybody is spending money hands-full.

The Holidays are a great opportunity for commerce. It is the ideal period to offer varied products to different niches, which for, only this time of the year, will coincide with the purchase period.

Let’s face it, sales calls are rarely fun. For many, it’s even less enjoyable during the holidays because the season has a built-in excuse your prospects can use to get off the phone, which is often, “Call me again in the new year.”

While it may seem fruitless to make sales calls and prospect for leads during the holidays, these activities can be quite fruitful this time of year. They can often produce promising results if you go about them a bit differently than you normally would.

On the other side of the phone, we do not know who we can meet with and what are the aims that he intends to find in us. Achieving success with a sales call depends on several factors at your fingertips. To ask the specific question in each moment or to show the adequate perspective of the product is a simple process if it’s clear what the steps are to follow to start the sale.


Here are 11 tips to increase the sales during this Holiday Season:


  1. Prepare before each call: Before getting in touch with your client it is advisable to know something about this person. You should be interested in what your customers are looking for. Also, do not forget to have the necessary material such as brochures and contracts to cover the call. Above all, answer the questions in a concrete and direct way. Being a good seller involves preparation.


  1. Change your script: The holidays represent a great opportunity for you to change your sales script for maximum effect. Amend your sales script to take advantage of all the possibilities.


  1. Listen before speaking: It is important to listen to your client before exposing your options. In this way, you will know the client’s objectives, what they look for and what they expect from this telephone call. Thanks to this information, your work will be more effective.


  1. Be natural: If you’re working on a new product or service or in a new area, you’ve got to take the time to learn what you’re saying. Most people don’t bother to do this well enough, but if you do, you’ll find that it starts to sound more natural, as once you’ve mastered the words, you naturally start to put your own voice inflections and tonality into the script, so it sounds more like you – therefore more natural! Customers want people who sound ‘natural’ and able to have a conversation.


  1. Smile: The adage is “smile while you dial”, and there is strong evidence to suggest that smiling elevates the tone of your voice, meaning that you sound friendlier and warmer and joyful when making a phone call. So, whilst the customer may not be able to see it, they can hear it. Make them feel the joy of the season!

  1. Unhurried: Making a sale can be a matter of minutes or hours. Clients tend to be doubtful, even more in this season when there is so much to buy and to spend. That’s where you play with the advantage. Try to take it to your land, but without pressure. Patience must be your weapon.


  1. The more information, the better: Do not be afraid to ask. You must know each of the characteristics of the client well to offer the best service. You must be focused on the client, he is the protagonist.


  1. Shows security: Voice is essential for telephone sales. Through it, we can show self-confidence, the main characteristic of the successful seller. Pause between the questions, it will keep you calm and show a positive attitude during the sale. Confidence is vital, whether the call is inbound or outbound. For anyone to buy from you or take the action you want, they must see you as someone who knows what they’re doing! Far too many people make outbound calls with fear or hesitation in their voice – resulting in a poor impression of themselves, their company and their product/service.


  1. Highlight the benefits: The product you are trying to sell must be the best one at that time. Do not hesitate to highlight the benefits that the customer will have when purchasing this product. Just do not exaggerate, it gives a bad image.

  1. Put facilities: always shows to your client your disposition to solve any problem in which the client may be affected.


  1. Say goodbye with elegance: The end of the conversation is always one of the most important points. Be educated and offer your services for future sales. Wish them happy holidays! The client will keep a good memory of you and will repeat. Do not forget to ask the question: when can I talk to you again? You will know if he has been satisfied.


A bonus tip?

Plan ahead and set sales goals: Many shoppers begin shopping for the Holidays in November, so it’s important to plan and execute on your sales now. Set sales goals and calendar any promotions you wish to offer during these months. These tactics will help you succeed this season.





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