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With the beginning of 2015, it is time to look into the trends and innovations that could drive the evolution of Contact Center Outsourcing techniques (CCO) and Small Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sectors this year. From the standpoint of a multilingual contact center provider serving the buyer care needs of some of the world’s largest brands allow me to share our five forecasts for key trends that could shape the CCO industry in 2015.

1. Business Process Improvement will be a must-have

Although it is not completely new for the industry, Business Process Improvement (BPI) will continue to shape the sector and turn it into a driving force in the evolvement of BPO and call center services. Why is that? It is because a growing number of companies began to realize that it is not enough to transfer their processes to a contact center provider and consider customer satisfaction a done deal.

2. Customer journey from the spotlight

In yesteryear, outsourced contact center vendors were simply evaluated on the low-cost ability to deliver basic customer assistance but today they are evaluated based on their strategic capability to deliver on the buyer and add-value towards the overall customer experience. Therefore, contractors searching for a low-cost service with immediate gain will progressively fade, giving solution to a more strategic style of outsourcing.

3. Most paths lead to multichannel

Customers demand 24/7 and 365 days support and they expect it whenever, anywhere, and by any device. Consider this fact: contact channels apart from phone now make up more than 30% of customer satisfaction engagements (CFI Group). Businesses, after having a multichannel customer health care strategy achieve more than double year-over-year improvements in client satisfaction (Aberdeen Group Inc. ). While a growing number of companies experience the challenge of delivering a genuine multichannel strategy, contact can provide a holistic multichannel customer care strategy to clients.

4. Capabilities to resource and develop the right talent

For contact centers, a chance to source a way to obtain qualified people will serve as a huge competitive advantage. Clients expect their start up business lines to be launched using right number of agents and skill sets that are ready to deliver exceptional consumer experience.

For instance, except for being on multiple channels, consumers now expect customer care to be accessible in their native language. Consider this fact: a 2011 study from the European Commission found that 42% of consumers never purchase services and products in other languages. Therefore, a contact center with readiness and availability of a large talent pool to cover the multichannel and the multilingual needs of clients can make it a valued partner.

5. Industry specialization – THE ACTUAL command variable from the partner selection picture

It is the availability of this factor that will create better alignment between partners, if the particular provider has intensive experience with typical issues and purchaser challenges.

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