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Deciding on an external call center company is a decision that will open new opportunities for a company. Outsourcing is not only a way to scale back cost, it also provides constant connection with the client, flexibility, and access to the latest technologies. However, the transfer of such an important part of business activity to an external company is a delicate process. Now, a company will have control of communications with consumers and partners, which is the most crucial part of building positive relationships. Since there is no room for mistakes, it is best to find a call center service provider that has experience with in the market.

The choice could be difficult, as the calls has substantially grown in recent times. There are an estimated 160 contact and contact center businesses operating in Poland, employing more than 250,000 people. A potential provider’s client portfolio and comparison of their presence in the marketplace may provide trustworthy clues while determining the right business partner. Among other industry management like Call Center Poland, Cotel and Arvato Poland, it really is Call Center Inter Galactica, an organization with nearly 13 decades of practical, market knowledge, available for use. The company boasts a portfolio of over 50 Clients throughout 17 industries and runs offices in five cities in Poland.

Pros and Cons of Entrusting

Unlike in-house contact centers, outsourcing offers quite a few benefits because of their size, experience, and technological advantage.

Controlling Crisis

A large external company is much better suited to handling situations involving a sudden surge in callers who would like, for example, to generate a complaint or to regain entry to their bank accounts. Allocating personnel on the most critical locations or redirecting calls to a different branch in Belgium is fully automated. Instant reaction to a crisis is a method to spare your customers from being put on hold, which protects your company against a significant image crisis.

Technical Advantage

While internal telemarketing often will depend on ready-made IT answers, major companies in the market would rather decide on self-developed, advanced software package, which can end up being adapted to certain project’s needs and the people who actually utilize it, like managers and professionals. Thanks to its open architecture and own applications, CCIG offers added channels of communication using the customer live conversation and video contact, and quick integration of new features using the customer’s smartphones. External call centers are always two steps ahead of the competition!

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