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With double-digit growth forecasted in several emerging markets like China, India, Spain, and Brazil, the contact center market is constantly evolving. Vendors are proactively offering contact center software along with more traditional hardware-centric products.

Cisco, Avaya, and Alcatel-Lucent dominate with above 70% of market share inside the global market. Even so, other vendors are growing revenue by targeting emerging market segments, niche applications as well as specific verticals (i.e. assistance providers). They also are competing with technology, especially when it comes to cloud-based offerings.

Lets take a close look at the competitors of these big three:

1. Altitude

Altitude uCI is a highly scalable, software-based contact center suite that offers interoperability with many PBX and IP-PBX suppliers. They offer multi-channel inbound and outbound abilities and competitively charged modules including IVR, labor force optimization, routing, call recording, and scripting. These are dominant in European and South American countries, and the United States where 70% on the top contact center outsourcers choose their particular platform.

2. Huawei

A new thorn in Cisco’s side, Huawei has grown as a serious contender pertaining to contact center deployments in China and other developing markets like Africa, South America, the United States, Eastern countries. They offer numerous platforms suitable to medium and enterprise businesses that included IP switching, course-plotting, IP-PBX, IVR, CTI, CRM, call up recording, and a number of other abilities both directly and through channel lovers.

3. Interactive Intelligence

For a global IP small business communications software service, interactive intelligence offers a scalable and tightly integrated contact center suite available while cloud-based, on premise, as well as hybrid deployments. Customer Interaction Center’s software platform offers many capabilities including IP-PBX, PBX, multi-channel course-plotting and recording, IVR, and knowledge management abilities. They are most suitable for companies buying a scalable, all-in-one call center suite.

4. Aastra

Aastra’s Solidus eCare Media Contact Center is a superb fit for smaller to medium-sized environments that are looking for telephony, multi-channel, and mobile-phone capabilities coming from a single vendor. With numerous capabilities including IP course-plotting and queuing, interactive tone of voice response, telemarketing, and web chat, Aastra has established a large individual base primarily focused in Europe.

5. Mitel

Mitel offers both an enterprise edition of its solution for single-site call centers with around 25 agents as well as an enterprise edition for larger and more sophisticated environments. Primarily focused in North America, they offer a full range of abilities including workforce supervision, multi-channel automatic call distribution, outbound dialing, screen pop, and remote agent help.

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